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Real Dream Foundation

Donate services to people in times of need

We're Leud charity foundations, and we want to help people in need.

Real Dream Education Foundation was a dream until we started working out on it. Founder Hemant & Pradeep was touched by the conditions of poor people and helpless animals who are suffering out there for food and a better life. We all feel sad enough for them but very few of us take the charge to bring a change.

Hemant & Pradeep started to work on his own in the initial days by feeding stray Cows, and also the poor people around but as they say, one hand is enough to initiate but you need more hands to accomplish something. So, there was a need for an organization to spread the word to a wider space and then the idea of the Real Dream Education Foundation came into existence.
Real Dream Education Foundation was officially started on the 8th of June, 2021 as by then a team of more than 50+ volunteers was ready to serve the one in need. From a single person’s dream to an organization, the responsibilities and the vision started to spread its wings to reach more and more living beings out there. As not just humans are deprived of food and shelter but also the animals around us who couldn't even speak out their hearts are also looking towards humanity for their survival.

As people started to join Hemant & Pradeep for the greater cause, a team of enthusiastic volunteers emerged with their intensity and compassion to do something for the lives of others. By the date of official registration Real Dream Education Foundation was ready with its vision including several plans like animal welfare, supporting the poor kids and their education with proper accommodation and food, empowering women by spreading awareness of their rights, creating and providing work opportunities for women in need, food and shelter for the homeless people, and also contributing for the religious events and campaigns.

Real Dream Education Foundation is working hard on its Education Foundation to support the education of poor children who are deprived of basic education and the dream of a better future. The campaign picked a great start and over 10,000+ people have joined the cause and are working in every way possible to arrange an educational structure. The campaign’s objective is to reach out to every kid in need in India and then would like to strive globally.
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